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Intermediate Court of Nyarugenge

Justice Uwera Immaculée, President of the Intermediate Court of Nyarugenge

Phone number: 0788 46 19 63

Email address:

The jurisdiction of the Intermediate Court of Nyarugenge is limited to Nyarugenge and Kicukiro District as well as Kimihurura and Remera Sectors from Gasabo District.

The Primary Courts of IC Nyarugenge are PC Nyarugenge, Nyamirambo, Nyarugunga and Kagarama.

Urukiko Rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge

Justice Uwera Immaculée, Perezida w'Urukiko Rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge

Telefoni: 0788 46 19 63


Ifasi y'Urukiko Rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge igizwe n'Uturere rwa Nyarugenge na Kicukiro ndetse n'Imirenge ya Kimihurura na Remera yo mu Karere ka Gasabo.

Inkiko z'ibanze zigize Urukiko Rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge ni Urukiko rw'Ibanze rwa Nyarugenge, Nyamirambo, Nyarugunga n'urwa Kagarama.

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