The Hon. Deputy Chief Justice, MUKAMULISA Marie Thérèse

MUKAMULISA Marie-Thérèse, Deputiy Chief Justice

She was born in Kigali on 29 June 1965. She graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Rwanda (formerly National University of Rwanda) in 1990. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Common Law that she obtained from Moncton University (Canada) in 1993.

She has attended various training courses in Rwanda and abroad on subjects like Equality, Peace and Development; Conflict Resolution; NGO Management, Legal Statute of the Rwandan Woman; Self-reliance of Non-state-controlled Women’s Associations and Human Rights. Among her publications there are: L’effectivité du Droit au Développement, Les Droits et les Devoirs Respectifs des Epoux en Droit Rwandais, etc.

She has served on various positions such as being an Accountant and Cashier at “Projet-Enquête et Statistiques Agricoles” (Project of Agricultural Investigation and Statistics), Visiting Lecturer at the National University of Rwanda, Director of Car Insurance in SONARWA, Executive Secretary of CCOIB, Commissioner to the National Commission of Law and Constitution. She was appointed judge to the Supreme Court in 2003, then after the Vice President of the Court of Appeal in 2018. Now she is Judge at the African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights. From the 6th December 2019 she is the Deputy Chief Justice.