Directorate - Corporate Services


Mr. RUZINDANA Theogene, Director General

The corporate Services is headed by Theogene Ruzindana who is the Director General of General Services.

Phone number: 0788306336


Under direct supervision of the Secretary General’s Office for the Judiciary the Director General of corporate Services is in charge of the following:

1.    Coordinate matters relating to the consolidated financial management reports in the Judiciary,

2.  Coordinate the activities related to Planning, budgeting processes , monitoring as well as the budget execution of the Judiciary in liaison with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN),

3.  Coordinate activities related to the management of human resources and logistical needs of the judiciary.

4.    Participate in drafting instructions to strengthen internal control systems.

Units under Corporate Services Division are as follows:

§ Human Resources and Administration Unit

§ Finance Unit