Justice Richard MUHUMUZA

Justice Richard MUHUMUZA joined the judiciary as a judge of the Supreme Court in December 2016.

In the Judicial reforms of 2018, a new court, the Court of Appeal was created and assumed most of the responsibilities of the Supreme Court, including being the last appellate jurisdiction. Richard MUHUMUZA was among the judges from the Supreme Court who were appointed to the new court which was responsible for, among others, to deal with the daunting task of handling case back logs that had become a challenge to the Supreme Court due to its structural nature. He was re-appointed to the Supreme Court from the Court of Appeal on March 10th 2020, where he had served for two years as a judge.

Before joining the judiciary Mr. Richard MUHUMUZA had been the Prosecutor General of Rwanda since September 2013 and Vice President of the Prosecution High Council. Prior to his appointment to the highest prosecutorial position in Rwanda, he spent 15 years in various prosecutorial levels at different levels of the National Public Prosecution Authority. He served as Deputy Prosecutor General of the Court of Appeal in Ruhengeri and Nyanza Provinces; as National Public Prosecution Authority Chief Administrator for Huye and Nyarugenge Intermediate Levels between 2006 and 2011 and as National Prosecutor with the International Crimes Unit between 2011 and 2013.

He holds a degree in law from the National University of Rwanda and various professional certificates in legal practice.