Inspectorate of Courts

RUTAZANA Angéline, the Inspector General of Courts



As stipulated by article 31 of Law nº 012/2018 of 04/04/2018determining the organization and functioning of the Judiciary, the Inspectorate General of Courts comprises the Inspector General and inspectors, researchers and other necessary staff members assisting inspectors in the performance of their duties which include the following:

  • Follow-up on the discipline of judges and registrars with the exception of those of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal;
  • Follow-up on the implementation of laws and regulations governing courts;
  • Ensure fairness of judgments and examine injustice alleged in the judgments submitted for review;
  • Advise on required measures to improve on the performance of the Judicial Organ;
  • Organise trainingS for judges and registrars.


Inspector NSENGIYUMVA Jean Claude

Inspector BWIZA Blanche

Inspector MUTABAZI Harrison

Inspector NZAMUYE Jean Marie Vianney

Inspector BUKUBA Claire